Correia Apple Bowl


Correia Apple Bowl

This fabulous Correia studio bowl stands 5 and 1/2 in. and is 5 1/4″ wide. The frost carved under this cranberry glass gives the apple motif a playful yet more formal feeling.  This piece, purchased by me at his studio is signed, dated 1998 and numbered. I cannot over-emphasize the range of his talent.  The older Correia piece shown in Dara’s Attic expresses his broad range of design.  Featured here for quick sale for $ 125.00 USD + S&H.


Just a quick blog about rattles.  Made from gourds, they range from smaller children’s rattles to the large ceremonial one featured here. Sometimes they are animated by animal aspects. Such as my turtle rattle. Made for ceremony, not play, when shaken the dried beans make a pleasant rythmic noise.

This Native American turtle rattle is a wowzer. At 23″  it packs a look ,punch and sound. Rattles are made from gourds and shaped and decorated from there.

Love the use of great cross-stitching, integrity of design, use of horse hair for tail, beading, vertebrae, brass.
Purchased at formal ceremonial dance south of Palm Springs. I recall it is  Not Morongo . Perhaps nearby tribe. $225.00 USD plus S&H.

I purchased these drums in the big square from an established vendor in Santa Fe around 1993. I examined hundreds of drums and wooden ladders before I picked mine,

When we used to commute back and forth from Texas to California I got to know the whole town. Established stores  to dealers off the square and the individual “blanket” sellers. Some with commercial trinkets, some with true art and offbeat items.

I  purchased many items from individual Native American artists like the clay sculptor Snow Bird, namely his bear sculpture, and told him I wanted to see BIG pieces. He explained this spots are sold in lottery and therefore people tend to bring a lot of smaller pieces for the rug sized coveted spaces. We also kept up with each other for a time. He sent me an art magazine with an article about him and an award as I recall, that was given to him.

Since I spent so many winters over time I got to know everybody there. There is no better way to spend Christmas in the heart of Santa Fe with the candlelit brown paper bags and often in or near the courtyard SNOW! I taught my son to ski in Sante Fe and Taos.

These are put up by request for a friend whose Native American wife is a deaf drummer. The top one 17″X9″ should be perfect for sitting on and feeling the rhythm Sorry I didn’t get the 22″ turtle rattle up too but it’s here and awesome looking and sounding. For those interior designers–great look. Imagine these with glass rounds on top. Remove glass and play. Priced to sell at $ 750.00usd plus S&H.





















The Martian Chronicles is one of my favorite and earliest books that introduced me to Ray Bradbury.  This copy was signed for me personally be him.

RayBradbury is on the top of  the contemporary fiction list for his wit, farseeingness, imagination, brilliance and more. Los Angeles declared it “Ray Bradbury Week” last year with a week of impressive presentations, appearances, and even the Paley (TV) museum in Beverly Hills opened for public view his teleplay “I Sing the Body Electric” from Rod Serling’s fabulous show “Twilight Zone” titled from a1855 poem by Whitman.

I had the pleasure of meeting and hearing this much lauded and incredible author in 2009 when he gave a lecture at a southern Californian library, in connection with a certain book club.  Tho’ nearly deaf at the time, he was one of the best orators I’ve ever heard, which is a heady list. Imagine the thrill I had meeting him (pictures can be viewed on Fahrenheit 451). “Constance” is one of his newest and very good reading. It is signed and in pristine condition including jacket. In fact, since he favors magic markers, I’ve included both sides of the page so signed.

A good investment, a must for fans, these editions are pristine, never read, keep as homage to the Master and provenance undisputed, even down to the receipt, pictures of our meeting and signing, and a witness to its signing. A first edition, copyright 2003, Published by William Morrow, An Imprint of  HarperCollinsPublishers,. For a small extra fee will provide full authentication. Priced at $125 USD plus S&H.

Ray Bradbury is and will always be one of the most brilliant and farseeing minds  that has ever existed. This is one of his top five beloved books by general opinion, along with “Something Wicked This Way Comes”,  “The Martian Chronicles”,  “I Sing the Body Electric”, and “The Illustrated Man”.

In order to avoid redundancy, I suggest you view my blog on “Let’s All Kill Constance” for the circumstances on my acquisition of all these pristine, never read, signed Ray Bradbury books. As I mention in “Let’s All Kill Constance”,  and as you can see here, That’s Ray Bradbury and I wearing the green jacket before his lecture while he signed my books.

I also refer to last summers “Ray Bradbury Week” celebrated in West Los Angeles, CA.

This book, binding, cover, pages, EVERYTHING is in mint, never read condition. Published by Simon & Schuster Classic Edition, copyright 2003,  its 50th anniversary.

This particular edition is cleverly blackened on its top pages, a grizzley reminder that in this futuristic, modern environment books are burned. The perfect temperature for book burning is the books title. For those of you who have read it or saw the marvelous movie starring Oscar Werner and Julie Christie. The redemption of this Nazi-esque policing–people who become books by memorizing one each. Hi! I’m Finnegans Wake!

I encourage my readers to view these personally signed editions to read all the Bradbury blogs. Priced at $375.00 USD plus S&H.  For a small extra fee, I will prepare a  full authentication.

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